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What you need to know about conducting business in Africa

If you thought that Africa was the “hopeless continent” think again. Since 2005, the continent has outpaced world growth since the start of the last commodity boom and is expected to grow faster than any regional country in the world. Are you taking advantage of the continent’s vast naturally resources, substantial debt relief, improved economic management and increased private capital ...

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How to use Corporate Intelligence for profit assurance

During recessionary periods, corporate intelligence (CI) is the only business function to provide profit assurance Given the importance of this objective, it is hardly surprising that the executive board makes the requests and receives the findings of intelligence activities. What is odd, however, is that the CI function is constrained by a “cloak-and-dagger” reputation.

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To BEE or not to BEE

One party political systems, historically, have proven detrimental to the health of democratic government in various ways The experience of South Africa’s ANC government over the past two decades is that it is confirming this depressing trend. There is a high level of corruption within South Africa’s public service sector (the largest employer in the country) and across all three ...

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