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Accurate Background Check Service

As an international security manager, FCPA and anti-corruption compliance officer or a business analyst reporting to your company’s Marketing department, you need to know more about the people with whom you are dealing with in Africa.

As part of any field investigation or Enhanced Due Diligence, you should do best background check on a company principal or an individual as you can. Unfortunately, few African countries have the technology or commercial databases to enable you to do accurate background check you need.

As a result, it is often difficult to make an informed business decision within a rapid turnaround time.
This lack of verifiable data and legal documentation means that you require local sources to gather the intelligence you need and to provide you with expert analysis.

So, what types of information about company principals or individuals are you likely to source from African countries? Based on the identifying particulars, such as a passport, national identity number or curriculum vitae (CV), we will provide you with the intelligence to enable you to :

  • ascertain the veracity of personal details provided
  • obtain best criminal background check
  • determine if the individual has been involved in civil litigation
  • gain an understanding of the individual’s lifestyle and family
  • identify the businesses in which the individual has an interest
  • know their professional and personal reputations and potential moral hazard

When you know that you can receive extensive and accurate background check on company principals, political figures or associates in any African countries, you will be able to advise your bosses about potential reputational issues before committing the company to a prejudicial relationship.

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