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Predictive Intelligence Services

Imagine you are a Corporate Security Director responsible for the safety and security of your company personnel in Africa.

Learn how we can help you sleep through the night worry-free.

Whilst you might be able to anticipate potential threats to your staff on the domestic front, the ability to predict events in other parts of the world is not so easy. In Africa, a continent of 55 countries, three hundred languages and several thousand ethnic minorities, your ability to anticipate actual and potential threats to your employees becomes even more tricky.

For example: How could you have anticipated that an increase in the price of pãozinho (pronounced pow-zing-yo; Portuguese-style bread rolls) resulted in the closure of roads to Maputo’s airport and attacks on foreigners in the capital during September 2010? Or, how could you have predicted that heavy rains in Limpopo Province would have forced South Africa’s energy parastatal (Eskom) to shut down power to the majority of the country?

These, and other examples of poor planning and unintended consequences, in Africa are a common situation yet do not form part of business continuity or resilience planning. So, can you ever anticipate real threats before they occur and thereby protect your corporate assets from deliberate attack, accidental loss or inadvertent compromise?

At Zero Foundation Africa we provide an opportunity for Corporate Security Directors and members of EXCO to look beyond a mythical crystal ball in order to protect their corporate assets and maximise their company profits.

The tool we offer is called Predictive Intelligence (PI).

Predictive Intelligence is a forward-looking security management tool which provides decision-makers with actionable and timely insights about specific problems. By providing tangible solutions, corporate security directors are able to identify, prioritise and respond to future incidents in order of their business impact. In this way, company executives can act and solve specific problems before they affect stakeholders, customers and profits.

Predictive Intelligence is a tool designed to enhance your strategic and operational decision-making processes based on a thorough understanding of specific future problems.

You might recognise that Al-Shabaab poses a terrorist threat to your business operations in Kenya, but how can you develop effective counter-measures without knowing when the terrorist organisation will attack? Likewise, you might have identified that suicide bombers in northern Nigeria could target your business premises, but how will you know when such a suicide bombing campaign will occur so that you can protect your buildings and people within them?

Using our Predictive Process Methodology ™ (PPM)
we provide you with a range of informed security solutions based on the following four steps:

  • Detect the problem
  • Prioritise the problem
  • Analyse the problem
  • Neutralise the problem

Often, Corporate Security Directors responsible for their company’s assets in Africa imagine or hear about a range of threats, but are unable to quantify them in any meaningful way. Predictive Intelligence enables you to neutralise actual, rather than perceived, security problems to enable you to focus on your strategic projects and deliver profitable business, with confidence.

In an uncertain world were many variables are excursion undue influences on the ability of executives to make decisions, Predictive Intelligence enables such executives to be preemptive, proactive and preventative. An international retailer launched a successful selling campaign in Angola by anticipating and neutralising unethical business practices by its competitors.

An insurance company in Kenya prevented possible reputational risk by detecting, analyzing and neutralising a morale problem amongst its staff. And, a gold mine in North West Africa was able to reduce its security budget by understanding the actual, rather than the perceived, threats to its operations.

In all the above scenarios, companies benefited from using predictive intelligence as an early warning system to identify which corporate assets in African countries are being threatened and how to respond accordingly.
Why not determine your areas of concern and let us provide you with tangible solutions based on our Predictive Intelligence Methodology.

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