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Counter-Surveillance Training

Zero Foundation Africa specializes in Counter-Surveillance Training

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, and provide two or three-day Counter-Surveillance training programmes in the local area. Using state-of-the-art equipment and sharing with you the common tactics employed by hostile intelligence agencies, sophisticated syndicates, criminal enterprises and unscrupulous competitors, our instructors will s how you how to:

  • Learn to use professional counter-surveillance techniques and proven methodologies.
  • Determine which technical equipment is suitable for your organisation given its activities and profile.
  • Know how to debug a room, a telephone system, boardroom, domestic residence or vehicle.
  • Maintain your privacy and the security of its communications in a tried and tested manner.


The decreasing size and increasing capabilities of easily purchased clandestine listening equipment means that you are at risk from unauthorised surveillance.  Whether you are the target of hostile intelligence agencies, foreign security personnel, law enforcement or criminal syndicates, you will be watched before you become a victim.  Using sophisticated audio and video surveillance devices, your activities will be easily monitored.  You will be tracked in your vehicle, your business conversations monitored at the office and your family activities placed under surveillance at home.

using the intelligence gathered from room bugs, telephone taps, GPS mobile monitoring systems and covert IP and CCD surveillance cameras, your family and business will be at risk. Whether your home is targeted for a  home invasion, your domestic staff intimated whilst you are at work or your family held hostage, you need to know how to address these security challenges that are unique to Africa.  Let us teach you the proven techniques for countering surveillance of your home, your business and your vehicle.

For an affordable $400.00 per person, per day, Zero Foundation Africa teaches you how to use sophisticated and professional electronic equipment to neutralise the threat of audio surveillance.  We also instruct you in the cryptographic and modern cloaking techniques to keep your activities private from prying eyes.

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Counter-Surveillance Training