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Before conducting a Security Management consulting service, how do you charge?

Like all the business we conduct, we provide a fixed budget and timescale based on the Client’s brief of Scope of Works. By comprehensively understanding your brief and requirements, we develop an intervention plan to provide you with a cost-effective Security Management solution. Once our budget is agreed upfront, we will charge a pro-rata amount during the course of the ...

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Can you turn a security department from a cost centre into a profit centre?

The answer to this question depends on two factors: the level of Senior Management buy-in; and an understanding of the internal market for the security services you can offer. Sometimes, Senior Management wants security to be included in operating overheads. In other instances, independent business units will negotiate their own prices with external security service providers. Therefore, the solution is ...

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Can you save me money by conducting a security review at my business premises?

We have saved our Clients a substantial amount of cash based on a review of their actual manpower guarding requirements. Too often, procurement and contract managers are not security trained and lack an understanding of the risks within their working environment. Guarding companies exploit this lack of knowledge and sell guards as a security solution rather than integrating manpower within ...

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Can you conduct vetting and background checks on executives working in various African countries?

Based on the individual’s identifying particulars we source background intelligence to confirm the bona fides or identify moral hazard about executives whom you might consider recruiting for senior management positions. Similarly, should you require background intelligence on managers before their promotion, or applicants before their recruitments, we will conduct the necessary checks to enable you to proceed with confidence.

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