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FCPA Compliance in Africa

Are you concerned that your business partners and employees in Africa might be exposing your company to substantial risks?

FCPA Compliance in AfricaWith the anti-bribery provisions of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), it is illegal for any US company or citizen to make a payment to a foreign official to obtain business.

Sometimes, such payments may be part of a gift-giving process and on other occasions it might be an outright bribe. But you need to be aware that such a practice can put you and your company under the spotlight of the Department of Justice investigators.

The last decade has witnessed many American companies having to pay substantial penalties (ranging from tens of millions to billions of dollars) and fines because their staff in Africa were known to pay foreign officials to obtain a license, acquire land or secure a contract.

  • Can you afford not to know whether your African operations could fall foul of FCPA legislation?
  • Do you always know what your subsidiary countries and business partners are doing in Africa when they are assisting you in your business ventures?
  • Could your investment of time and money be prejudiced by the bribery and corruption that is so common on the African continent?

At Zero Foundation Africa, we conduct Enhanced Due Diligence enquiries to ensure your compliance with FCPA and anti-bribery laws. We source actionable and timely intelligence about your African operations, or those of your competitors to determine whether you are at risk from FCPA focussed investigations.

Contact us for a confidential discussion to assess your risks in Africa. Rather than pay substantial penalties later, establish your compliance with the FCPA and anti-bribery laws now.

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