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Security Consultants

Whenever you have a security-related problem in the workplace or require a fresh approach to protecting your corporate assets (property, people, information and reputation), consider using one of our security consultants or a project team.

The consultants who succeed in our firm love to solve security problems.

They are always asking two questions when with a Client:

Why is something done this way?
Is this the best way it can be done?

By remaining sceptical throughout a Security Management project, you benefit from our unique approach to your security problems and needs. In the first instance, we identify common risks such as accidents in the workplace, fires, floods and other legal risks such as fraud, theft and sexual harassment lawsuits. Also, we identify other risks that relate to business practices: security and storage of data; uncertainty in financial markets; failures in projects; and failure to understand cultural differences in emerging markets.

For example: An NGO providing a feeding scheme to displaced persons in Bangui, Central Africa Republic, could face risks from malicious and religious zealots that would be of a different nature than the risks faced by an NGO in Blantyre, Malawi, that offers HIV/AIDs education and counselling. Yet, both organisations face risks and these need to be assessed in order for the business of both NGOs to be a success.

As experienced Security consultants who are both CPP and CIP certified, with a broad understanding of the security management discipline, we understand that a Client’s security problems are sometimes unique to their industry. That is why, after our first meeting with you, we assemble a team to review industry articles, research documents and read internal communications to understand the nature of your commercial environment.

By assessing these facts about your business and industry, we are better able to understand the workings of your organisation and identify chokepoints for further investigation.

After we have conducted a security audit of your operations, we prioritise the identified risk and create a vulnerability matrix. As a result, you have a better understanding of the actual, rather than perceived, dangers within your organisation. By conducting more site visits, reviewing existing security protocols and interviewing key personnel within your organisation, we are able to identify the key drivers of your business.

Based on these insights, we are then able to provide you with a security solution that is aligned with your business objectives. In other words, security solutions are married, cost-effectively, to your operating environment.

Using our experience, knowledge and processes, we provide you with a Security Management solution that is:

  • fact-based
  • critically analysed
  • hypothesis driven
  • operationally practical
  • professionally presented
  • cost-effective

To receive and implement professional security solutions at your company, contact us today for a confidential review.

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