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Regular communications are the lifeblood of every successful company. Ensure your communications have not been compromised.

In today’s networked world, we frequently communicate via email, mobile telephone and other data resources without considering the security of these communications. Out of sight, is out of mind. This complacency is even more pronounced when we communicate verbally via telephone or in conversation.

For many years, law enforcement agencies around the world have recognised the benefits of intercepting and recording voice communications to gather the intelligence they need. Over the past decade, as our written communications proliferate throughout cyberspace, we are still openly discussing sensitive information in our offices, homes and cars.

These areas provide a target-rich environment for the monitoring of our audio communications by intelligence and law enforcement agencies, criminal organisations, unscrupulous competitors and disgruntled employees.

The internet has provided a huge marketplace to buy cheap, small but effective listening and recording devices. This spy equipment has heightened the risk to the information resources of many companies and business professionals. Miniature recording devices, ultra small transmitters and modified mobile phones enable the covert recording of your sensitive meetings and individual discussions for financial gain or competitive advantage.

Given the nature and prevalence of this threat to your audio communications, companies need to develop effective strategies to ensure their communications integrity within the working environment. Business professionals should be aware of the threat to their communications and consider adopting effective countermeasures as a standard business practice.

As one of the few companies on the African continent to have highly specialised counter-surveillance equipment, and well trained operatives, you can benefit from our services. We provide a range of technical services to reduce the threats of audio interception, optimise your standards of information security and ensure the highest levels of communications integrity within your company.

The types of services we provide include Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweeps, using high-grade static and handheld units to search for and isolate bugging and tapping devices. We also use programmable handheld, portable and vehicle-based jamming equipment to protect personnel from the danger of explosive devices using RF triggered detonators and to prevent radio frequency surveillance and tactical leaks from mobile telephones.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom and designed for use by military, intelligence and law enforcement personnel, our regularly calibrated equipment and TSCM sweep teams give you a realistic understanding of the actual threats to your communications security and the level of hostile technical surveillance over your working environment. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, our TSCM sweeps cover the following critical areas:

  • radio frequency (RF) detection
  • camera and mains carrier detection
  • hardwired microphone detection
  • infrared and laser detection
  • telecommunications system analysis
  • comprehensive physical search

Many people fear their phones are tapped, their offices and cars bugged and their conversations monitored by third parties.  They are not necessarily paranoid, but simply understand the current threats to their communications integrity.

Allay your fears and identify previously unknown information security weaknesses within your company.  Schedule a TSCM sweep today.

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