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RF Jamming

The widespread use of social media has exposed the vulnerability of companies to the criticism of individuals and special interest groups.

In the past, complaints about a company’s service or performance were handled by the in-house public relations department or sub-contracted to a PR agency.

Sometimes, if the company had made a monumental mistake and offended many people and communities, a massive press campaign would have been conducted with apologies spouted forth from the corporate suite with a company using television and radio to supplement its written word.

As a result of social media networking today, one complaint by one individual can result in a class action by similarly aggrieved individuals. Whereas in the past, knowledge of your fellow sufferers would have been compartmentalised and difficult to find, today all one needs to do is create a website, host a blog or use Facebook or twitter to broadcast your unfortunate experience and solicit support from people you might never have met, had you not shared a mutual misery.

Mobile telephones have proven to be the most effective tool in disseminating verbal communications and orchestrating mass movements either as physical demonstrations or complaint campaigns. In such circumstances, your company might need to strike back and protect its reputation from the leakage of sensitive information via mobile phones.

Also, there are sometimes a need to disable satellite tracking device mobile phone reporting systems and to prevent the mobile phone activation of remotely controlled equipment. Such equipment can include miniature recording devices, GSM transmitters and other monitoring equipment.

Use our handheld RF jamming equipment to disrupt mobile phone abuse by selecting the phone network by country and the output power to control the jamming radius. In this way, you can protect your company’s sensitive information and intellectual property by using a variety of jamming techniques including frequency hopping and digitally generated pseudo-random.

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