Corporate Intelligence Within Africa

Actionable and timely intelligence about any company,
any individual, anywhere in Africa

Enhanced Due Diligence

Providing fact based analysis about companies and individuals operating in Africa to make informed business decisions

Technical Services

Securing your communications and gathering evidence in support of legal investigations

Travel Risk Management

Realistic training to equip your corporate travelers to operate with confidence in any hostile environment

Mitigating Reputational Risk

Your reputation is critical to the success of your business. We develop effective and proven strategies to protect your Property, People, Information and Reputation when conducting business in Africa

Hire Zero Foundation Africa

If you are conducting business in Africa, you need to hire us!

Areas of Expertise

We offer a complete line of services to protect your business and personnel from hostile threats that exist in Africa

Ensure your compliance with FCPA and other anti-bribery and corruption laws by determining that your business partners, or employees, in Africa are not exposing your company to substantial risks

Use our positive vetting services to know more about the business people you are dealing with in Africa

Secure your supply chain and business reputation by acquiring intelligence about your suppliers and business partners

Anticipate current, future and third party threats to your business using our forward-thinking security management tools

Benefit from our operational experience of the specialist equipment that you need in connection with TSCM sweeps, audio and visual surveillance, communications intercept, tracking and locating

Protect  your company’s reputation from accidental or deliberate leakage of sensitive information via mobile phones and clandestine recording devices

Empower your staff to survive any natural or man-made disaster in Africa

Utilise our security consulting team to design a strategy that marries your security requirements, cost-effectively, to the operating environment

Request us to design and implement your Corporate Travel Security Policy to ensure compliance with your duty of care


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