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Conducting business in Africa can be a risky venture. The list below will help you learn of the capital cities of each of the 55 African countries to best decide which country is best for your business strategies.

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With more than 55 countries, thousands of ethnic groups and hundreds of dialect, Africa is a challenging environment. Here are the correct dialling codes to help you communicate quickly with your colleagues in any African country.

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Need to do business in Africa? Here is a list of all African countries and their currency codes to help you conduct your business in Africa more resourcefully.

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dutyofcare5As we move into the 21st Century, Clients are increasingly aware of their vulnerability to sophisticated white collar crime, commercial disputes and other business risks.

They are also aware of the need to conduct business in newly emerging markets, which often provide a range of risks that are not normally experienced in the home country. As domestic markets become less competitive and consumers more demanding, companies have recognised the opportunity to develop new markets in foreign countries.

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During recessionary periods, corporate intelligence (CI) is the only business function to provide profit assurance

Given the importance of this objective, it is hardly surprising that the executive board makes the requests and receives the findings of intelligence activities. What is odd, however, is that the CI function is constrained by a “cloak-and-dagger” reputation.

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One party political systems, historically, have proven detrimental to the health of democratic government in various ways

The experience of South Africa’s ANC government over the past two decades is that it is confirming this depressing trend. There is a high level of corruption within South Africa’s public service sector (the largest employer in the country) and across all three tiers of its government – national, provincial and local. Read more

Acquire world class Security Management solutions

Security Management involves a philosophy and practical applications of techniques to protect your corporate assets from loss.

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