Corporate Intelligence

Will you be able to assist me with an enhanced due diligence inquiry in South Sudan?

We can certainly assist you with conducting an enhanced due diligence on a company or an individual in South Sudan.

However, unlike many other African countries, corporate filings are poorly maintained and do not accurately reflect the principals or shareholders in many registered companies.

As a result, we conduct primary source enquiries within the Government Ministries, Regulatory Authorities, media and specific competitors in order to source the information required to determine the level of reputational risks or lack of anti-corruption legislation compliance.


How do we know whether our company has to comply with the FCPA or the Anti-Bribery Act?

To determine your legal requirements in terms of compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act, it is advised that you follow one of these links:

However, in simple terms, if you are an American company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and you have employees working in foreign countries who might bribe foreign officials for business purposes, then you will be at risk. If you are a British company or British national working for a company in a foreign country, and you make payments or give bribes to any individuals, your company could be prosecuted under the UK Bribery Act.


Can you conduct criminal and civil record searches on an individual?

We conduct criminal and civil record searches on any individual, in any African country based on full identifying particulars.

The challenge is to find the correct national identity number or similar identifier to confirm that the criminal and civil record searches refer to the right individual.

For example, every South African national is given a 13-digit national identification number on the registration of their birth.  This national identity number consists of the subject’s date of birth, sex, residential status.

Criminal and civil record searches can only be conducted using this national identity number. If you do not have such a number, we can source it and thereby conduct the relevant searches.


What if the security situation within a country where our staff operates changes. Can you provide us with regular updates of the current situation and expected developments?

When your staff are working in an African country and that country experiences political, social or economic upheaval, you should be concerned as to the safety and security of your staff – both local and expatriates.

Often, the media reports provide a specific slant to their stories, but you need fact-based analysis and real-time reporting of events, as they unfold on the ground.  Using our network of assets and sophisticated communications technology, we provide you with an accurate and up-to-date insight as to what is happening and how your staff could be affected.

By using our Predictive Intelligence Methodology (PIM), you will receive regular daily updates as the crisis unfolds and be able to make an informed business decision.


We are looking to enter into the emerging markets in Africa and possibly form joint ventures with other companies. How do we verify the legitimacy of the companies?

Africa is a continent with nearly a billion consumers and offers many business opportunities across a range of services and sectors. Several African countries are witnessing growth rates of over 7% per annum and provide opportunities for investment.

Yet, Africa is a continent on which reputation and fortunes are made and lost in a day. Corruption in Africa is endemic and limited rule of law is the most common experience to those involved in litigation.

Therefore, to ensure that you understand the potential risks to your profits and reputation, we conduct Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) on companies and Background Intelligence (BI) on individuals so that you can make an informed business decision before committing further time and resources to a potential joint venture (JV).


What type of information do you need from me in order to provide me with a quote?

Before sending you a budget and timescale, we conduct our own research to complement the information you provide. Using this process, we are able to determine whether we can execute your brief in a timely and cost-effective manner. If so, we will send you our proposal document which confirms how we will satisfy your intelligence requirements, at what fee and within what timeframe. In this way, you will know exactly what type of intelligence you will receive, when and for how much.

If your initial brief does not contain sufficient information for us to carry out our own research, we will advise you accordingly and await further information.