Join us and other mining professionals on an essential 2-day course to survive real world threats occuring in Africa daily

Mining companies generally operate in potentially hostile environments. The nature and location of your operations expose expats and personnel to risks of political violence, community unrest, xenophobic assault and kidnapping.


The Level 2 Hostile Environment Awareness Training course is a two-day programme that equips key personnel travelling on business to survive armed assaults, militia road blocks and kidnappings. Learn to control your fear as you are exposed to an immersive experience.

What Will I Learn?

  • Using dummies and specialist medical equipment, you will practice how to save a limb and prevent the loss of life.
  • Adapting everyday items such as belts, pens and kitchen utensils to improvise vicious weapons.
  • Practice escaping from restraints made of rope, duct tape, flexicuffs and handcuffs.
  • Effective techniques for rapidly assessing symptoms of shock, tropical disease or cardiac arrest.

Course Content

  • Anti- and Counter-Surveillance drills to prevent others knowing about your plans.
  • Escape and evasion tactics and techniques to get you safely across foreign borders.
  • Psychological impact of a kidnapping, interrogation, ransom, and extortion.
  • Heightened situational awareness and develop a survival mindset.

Who Should Attend?

The two-day course is designed for executives, managers and staff who travel on company business.


This all inclusive course is delivered at our training facility in Cape Town.

Alternatively, we can run this Level 2 course at your premises or at a hired venue with suitable training facilities.