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Risk management strategies

Before undertaking any successful project, whether constructing…
November 14, 2018/by Mariam Lakay

Corporate Travel Security in Africa

Given the number of employees travelling around the world on…
May 22, 2015/by Mariam Lakay

Counter Surveillance Services in Africa

Over the past ten years, online purchases of spy and bugging…
May 22, 2015/by Mariam Lakay

What you need to know about conducting business in Africa

If you thought that Africa was the "hopeless continent" think again. Since 2005, the continent has outpaced world growth since the start of the last commodity boom and is expected to grow faster than any regional country in the world.
April 7, 2015/by Mariam Lakay

Fraud in South Africa

Fraud in South Africa is active in many different businesses and industries. There have been countless reports from people in the general public and business partners that have been tricked into unforeseen scams across the country.
July 18, 2014/by Mariam Lakay

Protests in Africa countries: protect your travelling corporate employees

When travelling corporate employees are in Africa or other violence stricken countries, it is by law the employers’ duty to make sure that the employees are well protected.
July 18, 2014/by Mariam Lakay

Security management for company premises

Security management services can help your company to understand where the original problems of theft or security lie. Read more about common security management issues.
July 17, 2014/by Mariam Lakay

Duty of care negligence

All companies have a legal and moral duty of care responsibility to their employees and neglecting your duty of care can land your company in hot waters.
July 17, 2014/by Mariam Lakay